2019 SVIT Tournament Rules


1. The Silicon Valley Invitational Tournament (SVIT) is a mixed competition open to men and women by invitation only. All entrants must hold a current USBC membership card or they may purchase a membership card for $20.00(US).

2. SVIT is affiliated with the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO). In the best interest of supporting IGBO, each participant must be a member of a league affiliated with IGBO. Any participant that does not meet this requirement may purchase an IGBO Associate Membership for an annual fee of $25.00. All fees are remitted directly to IGBO.

3. The Silicon Valley Invitational Tournament is USBC-certified. Bowlers to use the highest of the following scenarios when electing their entering average. These rules will apply to ALL SVIT bowling events:

     A) Bowl.com 2017-2018 composite average.

     B) Tournament average databases (minimum 18 games).

     C) Bowl.com 2016-2017 composite average.

     D) Highest Jan 1, 2019 average.

     E) All others will enter at the highest entering average of the tournament.

     F) The handicap for the tournament shall be based on 90% of the difference between the bowler’s entering average (as determined above) and highest entering tournament average. Negative handicap will NOT be used for SVIT.

     G) 5 pin Drop rule. If 2019 book average is lower than 2018 or 2017 by 10 pins or greater. Max deduction is 5 pins.

4. Professional bowlers, identified shall be permitted to bowl the tournament as follows:

     A) Not more than one professional bowler in a four-player lineup.

     B) Not more than one professional bowler in a two-player lineup.

     C) Professional bowlers MUST identify themselves at the time of registration.

     D) In the event a professional bowler does not provide proper identification prior to bowling, they will be disqualified from that event.

5. SPORT BOWLING: USBC Rule #205 will be applied. A bowler must submit and use their adjusted Sport Bowling League average using the USBC Average Adjustment Scale (Rule #203) if this average is higher than their standard league average. Non-compliance may cause disqualification.

6. The average of any bowler may be adjusted at the discretion of the Tournament Director(s). Any average adjustment must be made before the completion of the entrant’s first game of competition.

7. All claims of error must be submitted, in writing, to the Tournament Director(s) within one (1) hour after the bowler or team has bowled. In matters of dispute, the decision(s) of the Director(s) will be final, unless an appeal is made in accordance with UBSC Rule #329


8. It is solely and entirely the bowler’s responsibility to be present at the assigned lanes at the time of bowling. Each bowler shall have the total responsibility to arrive in time to bowl. Mechanical failures, transportation irregularities, improper directions and related reasons DO NOT alter the application of Rules 9 and 10 below (USBC rules will apply)

9. Substitutes are able to bowl with the Director(s) approval. Substitutes must register at least one (1) hour before the start of competition and must bowl in the same line-up position as the bowler they are replacing. Use of a substitute in an emergency that lowers the team ratio to less than 50% must be approved by the Director(s).

10. There will be NO REFUNDS after acceptance of an entry by the tournament committee.


11. On time entry fee is $95 until October 31st (Tier 1 early Bird Special). November 1st price changes to $109 (Standard Tier 2).

12. Each of the tournament events shall be handicap events and are as follows: Team, Singles, and Doubles

13. Each participant may bowl only once in each event.

14. Each participant shall bowl three (3) games per event and must enter all three events, for a total of 9 games. Teams will consist of four (4) members comprising any combination of men and women. Men and women will compete on an equal basis. Doubles partners must come from the same team.

15. Entries must be accompanied by full amount of fees in the form of pay pal, personal checks, or money orders payable to “SVIT”. “On Time” entries must be POST MARKED by March 1, 2019. Late fee of $15 per person apply after March 1st, 2019. Personal checks will NOT be accepted after March 1, 2019 (Pay pal or Cash in person only).

16. Tournament entries are not considered complete unless the following terms have been met. 1) Entry form completed 100%. 2) Entry fees for each bowler paid. If these items have not been provided, SVIT will place teams on waiting list. Full paid entry fee payment with complete entry forms will have 1st priority of squad time (if applicable). Partial team entries will be filled by SVIT starting March 10th, 2019.


17. All cash awards shall be based on the total pins plus assigned handicap for each event (with the exception of the Optional Side Pots and Optional Scratch Masters). Guarantee places (Team, Doubles, & Single) are based off of 30 (4 player) full teams.

18. Prizes will be distributed via check payable in US currency within thirty (30) days from the completion of the tournament, barring any protests. A tie in any position will result in the sum of the prizes being aggregated for the tied positions and divided equally by the number of ties for that placing.

19. Cash prizes: A bowler may win only one (1) special awards prize. Each event has its own prize list, based on at least a 1:8 ratio. All prize fees collected for an event will be returned 100% to the participants of that event. Individual All Events (Optional Pot) will be paid at ratio of 1:10.

20. Entry Fee Break Down:

Lineage: $33.75

Trophies: $5.00

Banquet: $30.00

Prize Fund: $39.50

IGBO Fee: 75¢

Total: $109.00 (online fee is $4.00)


21. The tournament director may place a bowler into a higher division at the director's discretion. any adjustment to this type will be made before the entrant bowls any Singles, Doubles, or team event and will be based on verified average information.

22. Bowlers will use nine (9)scratch games of qualifying. 3 games from Team, 3 games from Doubles, and 3 games from Singles. This will determine eight (8) qualifiers and one(1) alternate. Scores DO NOT carry over. In case of a tie the bowler with the highest single game from the regular tournament will determine the qualifier.

23. The eight (8) qualifiers in ALL divisions will bowl one (1) match game against the other seven (7) qualifiers and a final position match. The winner of each match will receive a 30-pin bonus added to her/her score. The loser will receive no bonus. In case of a tie, a 15-pin bonus is awarded to both bowlers. The top four (4) qualifiers after the eight (8) games will bowl a pro-style match play roll-off. A lane schedule will be given to each bowler at the time of check-in, showing what lane they are to bowl on for each seven (7) games. The final match is determined by position.

25. In the event of a tie a 9th and 10th frame roll-off will determine the winner.

26. The match game competition event will begin at 9:00 AM Sunday March 17th, 2019. ALL Scratch Masters divisions will bowl at the scheduled time at 4th Street bowl.

27. Bowlers must check in no later than 8:30 AM. Any bowlers not checked in by   8:45 AM, will be replaced with alternates, forfeiting participation rights. NO EXCEPTIONS.

28. Bowlers will be allowed ten (10) minutes of practice before the first match only. No open bowling will be allowed prior to the Scratch Masters event.

29. Any claims of error in the roll-off competition must be submitted before the start of the next match. In case of an error in the final match, any claims must be reported within one (1) hour after the end of the last match.

30. The Optional Scratch Masters payout will be 100% of the entry fees (less $10 for lineage) paid by participants by division. The award ratio by division shall be at a minimum of 1 in 2 entries, with a maximum of 8 places paid in each division.

31. I fewer than eight (8) bowlers in Division B, C, or D sign up for Optional Scratch Masters, they will be given the option of having their fee refunded or moving up to the next higher division.

- Division A: 206 and above   $65

- Division B: 187 – 205            $65

- Division C: 166 – 186             $55

- Division D: 165 and below    $55


The Optional Scratch Masters, in conjunction with SVIT 2019, is a mixed competition open to men and women

There will be a practice pair for high seeded individuals to keep their swing warm

The Championship Pair will be selected by tournament committee. It may or may not be one of the qualifying pairs.







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